Monday, March 23, 2009

:: H u h ::

So many things happened lately..
cam knl je ayat.. hahaha..
feel damn sad for my fren and myself..
he lose things so sudden...
loves? fren? its more den that..
just hope dat u r strong cam lagu alter bridge feveret..

" I'll Give You Strength When You're Not Strong"

for my fren, we know the truth..
just hope everything will fade away with time..
im sorry coz the fact gave me too much pain..
too much impact.. T.T
too afraid to accept the truth..
but i know.. the truth cant be changed..
i just cant accept it..
its the people i trust the most..
the people dat i can say shares everythin with me..
what a long time together..
what a long time knowing each others...
i just cant accept it..
maybe i looked okay..
inside only God knows...
can i say he's betrayed?...
maybe we both wrong bout him..
trust too much...
i just din get it when he doesnt admit it..
why dun he just admit and said

"Im Sorry"

maybe he thinks that this things will be forgotten..
when the times move on..
i would like to say " Im Sorry " to him..
coz it's too much..
too much and its so sudden..
too much when i know the truth..
too much just to apologize without any confessions..
without any sorry..
things so complicated..
just hope for the best..

P/s : 1st time post in English.. hahaha.. kalo salah grammar maap la..

Friday, March 20, 2009

. . .

Maktab.. Im Comin =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

:: M a y be :::

Haish.. mungkinkah aku ni jahat?..
selfish? penipu?..
aku adalah sorang yg mkn kawan?
Sorry byk2 kepada yg berkenaan..

P/s : mintak maap x update blog.. hahah.. xde mase n xde mood.. huhu

Monday, March 2, 2009

:: O h T i d a k ::

Oh Tidak!!..
kebas tgn2 ku..
menaip msg setahun baru siap!..
lenguh bahu ku..
ku suap nasi pon larat!..
huhuhu.. gila2..
sudah lama ku tinggalkan zaman2 ini..
wish me luck tomorrow!..
esok kompem lagi kebas..

P/S : Tarik tali je pon.. Go MAHSURI!!!..